Chemical Stability of Bioglass in Simulated Oral Environment

Saied Mostafa Moazzami, Ramtin Sadid Zadeh, Kamyar Kianoush, Majid Sarmad, Faraneh Barani Karbaski, Roya Amiri Daluyi, Reza Kazemi


Statement of Problem: Bioglasses are a series of biocompatible dental materials, which are considered as light conducting inserts in resin composite restorations. Consequently, their chemical stability is more essential when they are used in conjunction with resin composite.

Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare the chemical stability of Bioglass with dental porcelain and resin composite by determining the amount of released K+, Na+, Ca2+  ions and silicone  elements from these materials as a result of exposure to tested solutions with different pH levels including: Sodium Bicarbonate [SB, (pH=9.2)], Sodium Buffer Lactate [SBL, (pH=2.4)], Acetic Acid [AA, (pH=2.4)], and Distilled Water [DW, (pH=6.2)].

Materials and Methods: In this experimental study, forty 2.0 × 4.0 cylindrical rods for each tested material group (Dental porcelain, Resin composite and Bioglass) were prepared. They were divided into four subgroups of 10 rods each, which immersed in one of the four testing solutions in a designated container. The containers were stored at 50°C and 100% humidity for one week. The released ions were measured by using a spectrophotometer (µg/cm2/ml). The data were statistically analyzed by nonparametric Kruskal-Wallis H test.

Results: It was observed that the tested materials released ions at different levels of concentration. The significant amounts of Sodium, Calcium, and Silicon ions release were measured in Bioglass subgroups in all the tested solutions (p < 0.001). Potassium ion release from dental porcelain was the largest in all solutions except for AA in which Bioglass had the greatest potassium ion release (p < 0.001).

Conclusions: A greater structural instability was observed for Biogalss group

than dental porcelain and composite in testing solutions with different pH levels.

Key words:Bioglass, Resin Composite, Dental Porcelain, Chemical Stability

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