Colour Stability of Various Types of Acrylic Teeth Exposed to Coffee, Tea and Cola

Sahar Mousavi, Shima Narimani, Somayeh Hekmatfar, Karim Jafari


Statement of Problem: Acrylic teeth of dentures are prone to discoloration due to frequent exposure to different colouring solutions in the oral environment. Thus, in order to maintain their aesthetic appearance, they must possess high colour stability while exposed to colorant solutions.

Objectives: To compare the colour stability of three different brands of acrylic teeth following immersion in coffee, tea and cola.

Materials and Methods: This in vitro experimental study was conducted on 90 acrylic teeth in three groups (n = 30) of Ivoclar (Italy), PolyDent (Slovenia) and Apple (Iran). The teeth were immersed in coffee, cola and tea for one, three and six weeks (the teeth were not in contact with each other). Colour parameters were assessed before and after immersion using a spectrophotometer, and overall change in colour parameters was calculated. The overall colour change (ΔE) of the three groups at different time points was analyzed using one-way ANOVA. Pairwise comparisons were performed using Tukey’s test.

Results: Coffee caused the greatest colour change in Apple acrylic teeth after six weeks (mean ΔE of 4.6 for coffee and 3.4 for tea and cola). Tea caused an almost equal colour change in the three groups. The greatest colour change in the Ivoclar teeth occurred in cola after six weeks (mean ΔE of 3.3, 3.4 and 2.8 for cola, tea and coffee, respectively). The greatest ΔE occurred at six weeks and was the highest in Apple, followed by PolyDent and then Ivoclar teeth in coffee (mean ΔE of 4.6, 3.4 and 3.3, respectively p < 0.001).

Conclusions: Despite the significant colour change in the three groups, ΔE in Ivoclar group was within the clinically acceptable range of   ≤ 3.3.  A slight colour change was expected regarding the Apple and PolyDent acrylic teeth clinically.

Key words: Colour Stability, Acrylic Teeth, Spectrophotometer, Colouring Solutions

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